Bangladesh Fisheries Development Corporation BFDC Job Circular 2021 BFDC Gov BD

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Bangladesh Fisheries Development Corporation (BFDC) was established in 1964 under the name of East Pakistan Fisheries Development Corporation, then East Pakistan Ordinance No. 4. After independence, in 1973, it was named “Bangladesh Fisheries Development Corporation” by Act No-22. Being established, the corporation has been providing the necessary assistance to fisheries industry in the development of fisheries and fisheries industry in Bangladesh, fishing trawlers from deep sea through fisheries, preserving, processing and marketing of fisheries received in a healthier way. Bamuk is a government-owned, autonomous, autonomous corporation, with its head office, 13 units fully dedicated to the development of the country’s fisheries and fisheries industry. In 1966-72, with the help of the FAO, the corporation discovered four commercial fishing bases called South Patchage, Elephant Point, East of Swatch of No Ground, and Swach of No Ground in the Bay of Bengal. The corporation is conducting the production of Mitha water fishes in Kaptai Lake. The construction work has been completed up to the 6th floor with the foundation of 15 storages of BFDC head office in the 23-24th place of Kawran Bazar in the corporation’s own fund. At present, three development projects under the government funding under the government fund costing Taka 166.91 are under implementation and the process of obtaining new development projects is in progress. BFDC Job Circular BFDC 2021 has been given bellow:

Bangladesh Fisheries Development Corporation BFDC Job Circular 2021 BFDC Gov BD

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Source: Bangladesh Pratidin, 29 January 2021

Application Deadline: 25 February 2021

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