The Security Printing Corporation (Bangladesh) Ltd Job Circular 2023

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Bangladesh, after its independence in 1971, introduced its own currency/banknote. As there was no security printing facility for printing of currency/banknote the demand was met through printing currency/banknote from abroad. Demand for Postal Stamps was also met through printing from abroad. In order to conserve foreign exchange, utilization of relatively cheaper manpower, creation of job opportunity and also to make the country self-reliant on the vital issue of security printing “THE SECURITY PRINTING CORPORATION (BANGLADESH) LTD.” was established. Which is commonly known as SPCBL – a symbol of national pride and sovereignty.

The Security Printing Corporation (Bangladesh) Ltd Job Circular 2023

Application Deadline: 13 February 2023

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Government of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh empowered Bangladesh Bank- the Central bank of the country to establish a security printing press. With a population of about 130 million, Bangladesh started its Security Printing facilities in 1988 initially with banknote production. The country is now self-sufficient in printing all its security document including currency/banknotes, postal and non-postal stamps, judicial and non-judicial stamps, cheque books, tax labels etc along with a host of other printing works involving security features.

The SPCBL also experienced exporting printed security products, which has added a new dimension to its activities.

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