Labor Market in England

The United Kingdom has always been considered a prosperous, rich and stable country with a strong, booming economy. There are always a lot of foreigners trying to relocate to Great Britain. And some of them succeed as the UK is a welcoming country. Besides, high-qualified specialists are needed everywhere. In Britain they can get a salary they deserve – high salary. If you are thinking about moving to England and working there, the following information is for you.

england job
england job


According to the Office for National statistics level of employment in the UK rose to 76,1 percent. This is the biggest growth since 2015. Unemployment went down to 3,9 percent. Wages continue to go up (3,4 percent growth). There are 854.000 vacancies in the UK. The economy is stable as it was predicted. Even Brexit didn’t influence the UK’s economy much.

Wages in England

Employees are paid hourly in England. The working day generally lasts 8 hours. Salary depends on the qualification and age of the employee. A rookie earns about £3,70 per hour. A young specialist can get £5,90. Experienced employees with 25 years of service earn £7,83 per hour. Average salary is £516 per week and £2236 per month.

Brokers, top managers, pilots, doctors earn the highest salary. Waiters, street cleaner, hairdressers, cooks earn the least.

It is not a secret that wages depend not only on the profession but also on the region. In England, employees get about 1,5 times more than in other parts of Britain.

England Job

Pros and cons of working in England

There are doubtless pros of leaving and working in England. As it was said above the economy is stable and the government provides high standards of living. Both citizens and immigrants have great financial opportunities. In addition, employees have the possibility to work 2 shifts and this way to earn more. If budget smartly, some non-natives working for several years in England earn to buy a property or raise business in their home country.

If you are a foreigner you won’t experience any obstacles because of your accent. Britain is a multinational, multicultural country with no discrimination. If you are well-educated and qualified (immigrants must confirm their diploma, certificates, and knowledge of English) you can make a great career as well as earn a high salary. England is a country of equal opportunities.

Among the disadvantages of working in England is the high cost of living. You have to budget scrupulously if you want to save money for something. Also, you have to work your shifted hours, if you work more or less you’ll probably have a talk with your boss. In Britain they take their work really seriously, so you might not have a leave even if the reason is significant.

How to find a job in England

There are lots of options, you can contact the recruiter agency. They are helpful but it’s a bit long procedure when they are seeking a job for you. You can follow companies in social media or on their web sites and watch vacancies. But the easiest way is to use job sites, such as It provides you with full information on available vacancies in numerous companies in any part of the world. Choose the option Job Alerts and here you are! You’ve got a lot of variants to choose from!

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